Jake loves to meet with book study groups, speak at conferences, offer lectures, and preach sermons. During the pandemic, these events will have to remain virtual. Just contact his assistant Holly Windham (holly@epiwla.org) to make arrangements.

His topics include themes drawn from his most recent (and his upcoming) books:

  • A Love-Shaped Life: The Meaning of Resurrection
  • How to Tell Your Untold Story: Listening for God in the Story of Your Life
  • Looking for God in Messy Places: How to Find Hope (based on a book coming in Spring 2021)

If your event focuses on a different theme, Jake is happy to address the relevant topics.

Check Facebook and Instagram for events using Zoom and Live.

You can contact Jake with your thoughts and insights about his writing at bishopjake@epiwla.org. Check him out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.