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Jake Owensby

Jake is the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Western Louisiana. In his writings he helps readers see God in the ordinary, often messy places of their lives. Before his ordination, he taught philosophy at Jacksonville University. Already then he loved walking with others as they wrestled with life’s big questions and sought meaning in their lives. Jake and his wife Joy have three adult children, three grandchildren, and a rescue dog named Gracie.

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“This is beautiful and brilliant stuff, profound and plain, incredibly human, wise and charming. I trusted and enjoyed every word.”
–Anne Lamott

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Really Being Here

Really Being Here

Patience is being here, I mean really being here—with yourself and with others as we actually are—because that is where God is.

Being Ready

Being Ready

Life is not about accumulating things. It’s about love. And love is about giving your life away. 

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