Extravagant Love

18 thoughts on “Extravagant Love”

  1. “And there is no greater love than giving your life away so that others can live the life that God dreams for us all.“
    No greater love, indeed, Jake. Thank you for your wise words. They often help me understand and accept the circumstances of my life more fully.


  2. “Death is not the opposite of life. It is the birthplace of life.” I think this truth may be one of the most difficult to believe and that so many people fear death so much (and not just physical death but all kinds of deaths) that they never really live. Abundant life can only come when we stop fearing death.


  3. Bigger than the 64 count box, with sharpener, is Marie’s love for you!
    Thank you for sharing your wider life with me. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my son’s death. Mike eternally sings and dances in my daily ways… when I am participating in God’s Creation and not my own.
    Today, I am thankful for His bigger love and your ability to speak it. God bless you Jake and your sweet soul sister Marie.


    1. That was a WordPress glitch. I had added the title of the post that you see now. For some reason WP deleted that title just before I hit publish. Lacking a title, the program assigned a number to the post. Only after the email went out did I notice it. I like WP, but every now and then it does something I can’t explain.


  4. Shedding a few tears here Jake as I say.. I also look forward to meeting my two unknown sisters Caroline and Valerie, always there in my thoughts. Perhaps I’ll also meet Marie and you’ll meet my sisters 🙂


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