Where We Belong

15 thoughts on “Where We Belong”

  1. Thank you for our perspective. One day I hope to talk with you from the perspective of an African-American like Susie.
    Stay blessed.


  2. Heard a very interesting podcast from the Hidden Brain program on NPR. It was called Feeding The Green-Eyed Monster: What Happens When Envy Turns Ugly, and it talks about some of the dynamics you mention and the difference between envy and malignant envy or schadenfeude. Well worth listening to.


  3. I remember those shacks; I remember those days. The days that GPS takes me through neighborhoods still like that (even those most houses have some paint) I am silent as I drive through, aware of the exhaustion…long past despair. I am still a recovering racist and I still wince at my own wrong thinking that smells like an unexpected breaking of wind. (Lord God, are we any better than we ever were? Is the way we no longer pretend to not be, at least a first step toward owning our sinfullness? I’ve just about given up hope.)


  4. As a white male growing up in small town Minnesota in the mid 60’s and 70’s, I had no clue about matters of racism or my own complicity… as an adult going to seminary in Minneapolis in the early 80’s I had a hard lesson to learn about racism… then AF Chaplain training in Montgomery, Alabama opened my eyes up wide! To see this sort of thing going on today breaks my heart and infuriates me. As far as I have come, we still have so far to go… thank you for sharing your story, Jake!


  5. Your personal stories are so very moving, and your elegant description really makes them come alive. I grew up in Jackson, MS. in the hottest days of the race crisis and I went to Ole Miss when the Federal troops brought James Meredith. Opposing racism is one of my greatest personal causes. Deacon Belle


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