Jesus and Politics

12 thoughts on “Jesus and Politics”

    1. Ann, thanks so much for sharing this on “Reflections” – I love it and have shared on Facebook, and am so glad to discover Jake’s page – we spent 9 wonderful years in Louisana, in the Diocese of Louisiana, next door to Jake’s diocese. Blessings, Jane Dowrick, Diocese of VA EfM Coordinator and Mentor


  1. For me there seemed to be a veiled message here. I believe Jesus would judge the emperor openly and plainly as he did the heretics in the Temple. It seems perhaps Jesus and politics are only wrong when used to oppose a particular political stance. Some people view it to be completely moral for it to be legal to kill thousands of fetuses for profit. How would Jesus answer the question “Is abortion right or wrong?” We all fall short of the glory of God. Let us lift each other up in love and quit the accusations.


    1. Please help me hear the veiled message you’re picking up. My point is that Jesus teaches us in a way that leads us to often unsettling self-reflection about our own purposes and motivations in our social, political, and economic lives. You seem to be hearing something else.

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  2. Thank you for your insight. We have a sign on the door of our church and throughout the building that essentially says “no politics”; however, I believe it should say, we do not need to know which political party you belong to, just show us how you live your life – that’s enough”. Jesus was/is controversial as well as political, but what he taught was how to live one’s life in loving God and loving one’s neighbor.
    Thank you for your blog.

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