Since people have asked… I give all my book royalties and speaking honoraria away to help make the world a better place. For instance, those resources support a program to help children leaving foster care transition to independent adult life. They also support a neighborhood revitalization project, restoration of black churches burned by an arsonist, and disaster relief. You can get a copy of my latest book by clicking here or use links below.

A Resurrection Shaped Life
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Leads us through a re-examination of the biblical concept of resurrection and explains how we can begin to experience resurrection in our ordinary life on earth through honest reflection, repentance, and forgiveness to a new life of self-acceptance. Click here to explore more and read the first chapter.

“It made me remember what kind of human I long to be—and why I can’t quit Jesus. Read A Resurrection-Shaped Life and fall in love again with God—and with hope.” —Diana Butler Bass, author of Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks

Available at Amazon and your favorite book seller.

How we respond to life’s opportunities and challenges, to other people, and to ourselves depends upon the stories we tell about ourselves. Too often, we tell distorted stories drawn from painful experiences or internalized from others’ critical voices. These fake stories diminish our dreams, damage our relationships, and fill us with fear and self-blame. Jesus’ story about us is our true story: the gospel, the story of the beloved. It helps us experience the richness of life, see the stranger as friend, and make a difference in the world.

“Bishop Owensby is one of the finest thinkers and writers on today s scene, religious or secular. I read everything he publishes, and I learn something, think deeply, and am moved every time I do. This book is no different. You ll learn, think, be moved, and live a bit differently.” –The Most Rev. Michael Curry, 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church (Royal Wedding Preacher)

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Available at Amazon and your favorite book seller.

While there is truth in the idea that our past shapes our future, the gospel is all about the counter-intuitive promise that God is shaping us right now toward God’s vision of who we will become. It is not our past that makes us into the image of God; God’s redeeming love does that. In God, who we are not yet is shaping who we become.

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