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Walking Each Other Home

Aside from playing catch and riding in the car, our dog Gracie enjoys taking walks more than anything. She loves the exercise, the sights, the smells. Especially the smells. But what she likes best of all is that we’re doing it together.

Again and again she smiles up at my wife Joy and me. If we absent-mindedly drop the leash, she’ll take a few steps before noticing. Then she’ll stop in her tracks, look over her shoulder, and give us an expression that says, “Really? Seriously?”

It’s as if she’s embodying my favorite Ram Dass phrase: “We’re all just walking each other home.”

You can read the rest of this essay by clicking here. It was first published as “A Long, Uneven Walk on April 16, 2021)

This is the first in a sort of best-of-Messy-Places Series that I’ll be sharing with you for the next several weeks. Your responses to previous essays as well as my sense of where many of us are spiritually and emotionally will be guiding my choices. And I would love to hear from you what your favorites have been and what you would like for me to include in the series.

New posts will begin appearing when I return from The Lambeth Conference in the mid-August. Blessings dear readers. Being in community with you means the world to me.

So, again, here’s the link to keep reading.

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