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Planning for Lent

Christians observe the Season of Lent to remind ourselves what it means to be truly alive and to make ourselves available to the love that relentlessly seeks to get us out of the graves we tend to bury ourselves in. 

If we really lean into Lent, we will discover once again who we really are: the Beloved. And we will commit ourselves anew to the only life really worth living: the way of love.

To put this another way, Lent gets us ready for Easter. It’s not a season defined by dismal guilt trips and tiresome self-deprivation. During Lent we can experience our deep need for God’s love and the remarkable, life-giving, liberating power of that very love.

Ash Wednesday falls on March 2 this year. That date is likely to sneak up on many of us. That’s why I’m offering you a brief word about planning for Lent. In particular, here are some suggestions for personal and group study.

I’ll begin with two of my own books. Each includes a study guide. And if you decide to gather as a group, I will be happy to join you during Lent (or even during the Easter Season) for a Zoom or in-person Q&A session (contact Holly Windham at and she’ll set us up). So, here are my two most recent books:

Looking for God in Messy Places

A Resurrection Shaped Life

Click here to grab a copy

Another author that I find especially insightful is Amy-Jill Levine. You might consider one of these titles:

Witness at the Cross

The Difficult Words of Jesus

Sermon on the Mount

Here are a few more excellent reads to consider:

Diana Butler Bass, Freeing Jesus

Lauren Winner, Mudhouse Sabbath

Lauren Winner, Wearing God

Kate Bowler, No Cure for Being Human

Richard Rohr, Falling Upward

Ronald Rolheiser, The Holy Longing

Rachel Held Evans and Jeff Chu, Wholehearted Faith

In the meantime dear readers, take good care of yourselves. Stay safe and be well. And remember that you are loved.

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