Getting Ready for Christmas

6 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Christmas”

  1. Thank You Jake,
    In your writings Making Things Right & Being Ready For Christmas, I found my life reflected in crux. Off-center and forgetfully (perhaps distractionally) unaware. Definately hammering my narrow self-interests into the ground. Your words shook my ground and awoke to me ~ God’s redeeming Gift of Love. What a waterfall of Love washed away my life -askew years ago. Picked Up , Wahed Off and Made Anew into a vessel made by His Hands.
    How could I forget? How did I drift into indifference? But I did and I do. Into an abject state where my dull and narrow thoughts are a prison of my own making. What a waste of the Refining Fire! God forgive me. Let me receive You in clear sight and reformative action. Again make me an instrument of your Peace. “Blessed Jesus be borne in us your beloved’s. In all your Radiance, “Remember Us Your People.”
    I now remember dove-tailed (<<) Holy moments in answered prayer where He answers the burden and desire of my heart before it is even asked. "…Oh Emmanuel…. ". Here & Now! You Are & I Am!



    1. Lee, thank you for sharing your heartfelt response to these essays. I pray that your Advent, you Christmas, and all the days the follow contain reminders for you that you are the beloved. Blessings……


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