I’ve got a couple of birthdays to be grateful for. Today marks 64 years in this world. Life is good. Filled with delight and struggle, love and loss. Thank you for letting me share with you my reflections about my messy life and where I’ve found God in it. My hope continues to be that my writing invites you into reflections of your own.

The second birthday celebration is for my latest book. About six months ago Looking for God in Messy Places hit the shelves (and Audible). Thanks for all your kind responses. And please remember how important your Amazon reviews and ratings can be in inviting others into our community of hope and wonder.

Over the past six months I’ve been thrilled to meet with readers online. Zoom meetings with book groups. Podcasts. Webcasts. And now that the pandemic is receding a bit I’m thrilled to be meeting with folks at in-person events as well. If you would like to schedule something with me either online or in-person drop my assistant Holly Windham a line (holly@epiwla.org).

In the meantime, here are a couple of links to recent events:

The Compass Podcast

Six Bridges Book Festival (Little Rock)

I’m so grateful to and for all of you. Take care of yourselves. And remember that you are the beloved.