Remembering Who You Are

13 thoughts on “Remembering Who You Are”

  1. Alzheimer’s runs in my family. I have pondered my response if it were to get this disease. My mother and I have talked about it – she reluctantly, me with my incessant desire to talk a problem to death.. Literally. Talk until the problem has sorted itself out in my mind and with others. She fears the disease, I am facing it with equanimity, I think because in the course of dealing with my chronic illness I came to understand that, for me, it isn’t me or my abilities or actions that make me who I am – it is how God sees me that makes me who I am. As I conform to the potters hands I become the most authentic me, I am, become and will be, the Beloved. So even if I don’t know myself, even if no one else knows me, I am known by the great I AM. And that is, and will be, enough.

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  2. Thank you for sharing about your friend R. My heart goes out. You’re right we all need to know there is someone who loves us. To know we are Beloved.
    The title startled me because I once knew a girl named “R”. She needed to know someone loved her – unconditionally. If you’d like you can read my friend “R”’s story. It’s sad but poignant. A reminder that love by itself doesn’t always heal all of us. It requires love in action, perseverance and never giving up. (Read about my R here )

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    1. Thanks for sharing the link, her story is a powerful lesson. “In effect, most people would write her off as the author of her own condition.” Sadly I know this would be true. Her testimony that you saved her life says so much though! This is a story I’ll remember.

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    2. Thank you for sharing the link to R’s moving, heartbreaking story. And thank you for the love you’ve embodied in this work. You are so right, for love to heal it has to be love in action.


  3. “ But my love for him as him helps him to continue to be him.“

    I have always had such a high need to be accepted, to be valued, to be loved – when I sense that I am, life is good if it is missing I am lost

    I have this fear that we need dogs for this very reason. Do we allow dogs to provide this deeply human need instead of sharing it in the human sense? Wouldn’t it be ideal if we all loved like dogs do?

    My “R” left me two years ago in August he lost a battle with depression. Despite everything I did, everything his wife did and everything counsellors and medical staff did he could not find his way to Peace.

    As I write this I realize I am saying that Love provides Peace and thereby ultimate Peace (that passes all understanding) comes from God, the Father. God is Love and Love is Peace

    Thanks again for allowing me to bumble along to a place of clarity

    (Myself and my “R” would spend much time delving into life questions and philosophical musings and yes theological mysteries)


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    1. Thank you for sharing this tender story, Colin. And you are so right. Love provides peace. BTW, if you were to read my daily writing you would see that I too work my way toward clarity. Anything I publish arises from lots of what you call bumbling. It seems to me that there’s a contemplative element to it.


  4. Hi Jake! This is so beautiful! I thank you for this insight and very gentle and loving response to Alzheimers. Reminding me that we all are the beloved is such a gift.

    I am finding so many whose lives have been touched by dementia in one form or another. Would you consider allowing this article to be shared in our church newsletter? I will be fine with either yes or no. Of course, I hope the answer is yes because your words are gentle and they are balm. Gratefully, Sue Ray Episcopal Diocese of Northern MI

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