How We Get to Bethlehem

10 thoughts on “How We Get to Bethlehem”

  1. This makes all the sense in the world to me – really gives me a new and much much richer perspective on the journey to Bethlehem and I do think way too many see it the may you describe perhaps, that Joseph saw,it.

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    1. Thanks, Colin! Glad this one resonated with you. I’ll be posting one more Christmas reflection, probably next week (I’ve uncharacteristically jumped ahead in Advent. It just seemed to me that our present circumstances called for a different pastoral touch). Stay safe and be well.

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  2. Bp Jake, in the above comment you mention that you’ve uncharacteristically jumped ahead…I know it is the case for me and I expect for many clergy. We’ve been “filming” services well in advance in order to have them ready “on time” for church services. It’s certainly led me to feel that I’m in a time warp, yesterday we recorded, Christmas day, your words, “Stop long enough to open our eyes and our heart.” have helped me to be orientated to the here and now! Thanks, as we said about Easter, it happened! The Baby will be born, in both cases, those that needed to be present were. Advent Blessings as we walk forwards in God’s own time. Thank you.

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