Some thoughts on being spiritual.


  1. I was likewise at Emory (when you were probably a 6th grader!) and, guess what – PE was required of every Freshman. And Drown Proofing was the go-to choice for all Floridians! So easy for life long water loving kids who were otherwise total klutzes. Love your messages and look forward to these posts. Thank you.


    1. Oh my goodness! Always good to be with another Emory alum. Actually I do think that they got rid of drown proofing by my era. Most Oxford students hated it, but it never bothered me. Except for the fact that I took it during the winter and had to rush from there across the quad to another class! Thanks for reading. Stay safe. Be well.


  2. Bishop Jake,
    Getting beyond our own daily dance and into God’s plan for us is one of the Blessings of covid solitude.
    Have a Blessed day,
    John Ramares

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  3. Bishop Jake,
    As a former choir member at St. Mark’s I fondly recall singing “The Lord of the Dance” and that carried the message of getting into the rhythm of God. Thank you for your insights.


  4. I took the dog for a walk yesterday early morning. Instead of focusing on the heat and my achy old body, I watched her enjoy everything from the birds that flew over head to the deer hiding in the woods to animal scat deposited along the path. God and spirit lead us in very interesting dances.
    Thanks for your message.


  5. I am one of the least of your flock. Recently moved back to Shreveport from Clemson, SC at age 85 to be near my children. One of the things I miss the most is a weekly International Folk Dance with Christians, Jews, and agnostics. Since the group was started by my Israeli Jewish friend, we dance mostly Israeli Folk Dances in circles (like a prayer circle). The music Is Israeli and the lyrics are in Hebrew. Many of the dances are Biblical – music and choreography inspired by prayers and stories and verses from the Old Testament. Many from Psalms – from Asrai Haish (psalm 1) to Halleluyah Betsilisilea Shemah (Psalm 150). T’filati (My Prayer) Is a favorite dance. El Elohi Shamayim! The dances are choreographed combinations of simple steps done in unison. My mind focuses on the scripture while my body’s “muscle memory” moves to the beautiful music in unison with my dancing friends in the circle. This is total involvement. I saw this demonstrated in Israel in 1975, but never thought I would have the opportunity at home. There are dances for special occasions, Shabbat dances, the Havdallah Blessing, Hasidic, Sephardic (many Yemenite), Kabalat – all styles. I learned much about Jewish culture by dancing with them, and had a standing invitation to their Temple for services. Messianic congregations have incorporated these dances into their services. A dear friend in Israel teaches the dances and judges the competition for new dances at Karmiel every year. I’ve been separated from this for seven months and I am losing my balance and age is catching up with me. We should all be doing this. It is great for body, mind, soul, and spirit.


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