Showing Up

Love starts with showing up.

Love is more than just a feeling. It’s the way that followers of Jesus navigate and mend this world. It starts with showing up. Have a listen……

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  1. Bishop, I confess, I deeply appreciate your optimism, and I too believe that there is resurrection, but we must die to the sin of racism in order for that to happen. I am reminded of my old morals professor in seminary when asked by a Southern lad in my class back during the Selma marches who was returning to Texas, “What does one do with these old entrenched matrons who were firmly fixed in their class beliefs.” He paced the floor and said, “Son, sometimes, all one can do is pray for a speedy demise.” Racism is spiritual blindness and when a person has been blind all his life, he often prefers blindness to sight. White culture is blind and it needs to have its eyes opened as does White Christianity.

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