Hearing Voices

11 thoughts on “Hearing Voices”

  1. I had not thought of it as “hearing voices” but I “hear” God speaking to me, I hear words that i know I did not make up. They are part of my prayer life and mystical visions, and I never thought of them as anything else. Fortunately, I have had spiritual directors who encouraged me to listen to what God says to me because those messages move me toward love and compassion. As I read your piece today, I remembered an incident after a retreat talk, when a woman asked me how I hear God speaking to me–did I actually hear words? Yes, I, told her, I actually hear words. Thanks for stirring up this reflection for me. She had never heard God speaking to her, and I felt sorry for her.

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    1. I hear my angels speak to me and feel their comfort and guidance. I don’t generally tell people this, but it is certainly an integral part of my life and always has been. I’d be a bit lost if forced to not listen.


    2. Thanks for this, Madeline! Your mystical nature is precisely why I said in an earlier exchange that I took you for an introvert. I too have heard and felt things. No visual encounters. I recognize that many have not had such experiences. My conclusion has been that I was such a challenging case that God had to take some extreme measures. Mind you, I’m not making that assumption about you.


  2. As someone who had a rough childhood and who hears voices occasionally – thank you. I watch thoughts and emotions a long time ago. Your story just confirmed that I have been right on the right path.


  3. Thanks Bishop. Your reflection reminded me of what Bill Plotkin refers to as our “Loyal Soldier,” a sub-personality designed to help us survive an often disfunctional childhood, and also to inhibit our “Wild Child” sub-personality. Fascinating stuff. The Loyal Soldier can only be discharged with love and gratitude. Found in his book, “Soulcraft”.


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