How to Keep Going

Knowing what makes life worth living

There are times that our greatest spiritual challenges is to put one foot in front of the other. For many of us, life in a pandemic is one of those times.

Here’s this week’s reflection on how to keep going and even thrive in uncertain times:


  1. Appreciated your devotion on perseverance. It is tested at times like this, with no end in the near future. I jokingly remind myself “It’s hard to act like a grown-up!” Or, as you would say, a mature Christian.

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  2. My dad loved that text, he was a great runner as a young person. He told a story about a big event at school where he’d lapped the other runners but somehow lost count of the laps and lost the race – he ‘finished’ too early! More seriously, what you’ve shared here is wonderful Jake. Before I met you, my faith wouldn’t have seen me through something *really* calamitous – it wasn’t strong enough and I knew that. Your teaching about love has changed that for me. In this talk you’ve tackled immensely challenging, troubling issues (and thanks for doing that). You have this gift for describing how the kingdom of heaven really works, in real life, even if we find ourselves in the worst of circumstances.


    1. Thank you, Liz. I really appreciate what you’ve said about my teaching. And I love this story about your dad. I too was a runner, but my events were all sprints (and the long jump). So it was particularly good to hear that story.

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