Letting Go for a While

37 thoughts on “Letting Go for a While”

  1. My pilgrimage group travels to Ireland tonight! We will have a week there beginning on Inishmore, Aran, then down to Dingle. It would be wonderful to cross paths, but I won’t hold my breath. On the 11th, we are off to Skye and Lewis in Scotland. I will be eager to read whatever you are moved to write about your Celtic journeys.


  2. You have been feeding us so well. Thank you. Know that you and your wife will continue to be in our prayers. You will be missed!


  3. Should you find yourselves in England, we are in the South West, Cornwall, a beautiful sea bound peninsula and would welcome you heartily.
    Have a wonderful sabbatical with your wife also.

    Susan and Mike Ashmore


  4. I will miss your posts while you are away. Enjoy all those new experiences and life lessons along the way and tell us about them on your return. God bless you both.


  5. Hope that you find this time rejuvenating. My prayers go with you, particularly as you visit Mauthausen. Karen Sent from my iPhone



  6. Your posts and daily reads and affirmations will be missed.
    Safe and enlightening travels to you and Joy.
    Interesting how your sabbatical can also become ours ☺️


  7. On Thursday I did a post called “Holding On and Letting Go”, an autumn post with a quote attributed to Rumi.. Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. Now is the time to let you go, to release you to the joy and wonder of discovering, exploring, experiencing new things. For you and Joy I pray that God will richly bless you both in every way and keep you safe but especially that you’ll find beauty, wonder and comfort each step of the way and return with hearts full of gratitude. Much love (and gratitude) to you both from Liz


  8. A much needed Sabbatical for you and for Joy! May it be a time of rest, reflection, renewal, and Grace, Jake! I am so glad that God brought us together, my dear Brother ❤️❤️


  9. May you be blessed with safe travels – encounter people who want to be helpful – bask in the goodness of God and
    ( ‘The blessings of heaven, the blessing of earth, the blessings of sea and of sky, on those you love today and on every human family.” – John Philip Newell)

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      1. A pilgrim psalm/prayer mash up for you as you “let go” at Mauthausen:

        May His light intensify around you as you walk where she walked. And, may your heart know it is her and feel loved.

        Thankful for you and your channel to goodness. Be brave. We the faithful, gottcha covered with prayers and love.


        1. What a lovely prayer, Mary Pat! Thank you for that, for the continued prayers, and for reading along with me as I wade and stumble and scooch my way through the divine mystery.


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