What We Love Matters

15 thoughts on “What We Love Matters”

  1. Wow! Bob Dylan and this song came into my mind as I began reflecting on the passages for this weekend! I am with you, Jake, the early lyrics are definitely appropriate for today…


      1. I grew up in Minnesota and went to Seminary in Minneapolis. Knew a bartender in the University of Minnesota area who kicked this kid off of the entry to the bar… a kid with a mediocre voice named Bobby Zimmerman! Wonder what he thought when Dylan received the Nobel… I knew him when 😉


  2. At St. Andrew’s service today, Marybeth, our lay minister read this at Morning Prayer, as we often do. I often see our congregation Serving in so many ways they are unaware of – ways that keep our Mission church going strong. The AC was at 80 (and needs to be replaced) so Gene worked on that. A brand new Bible Study group led by Cindy had 10 sharing conversation on John. Sally moved the coffee to the other room so we could reach it. EYCers Lexie, Tanner, and Owen, managed snacks after the service. Alex and Earl planned who would cook what for Pancakes and Pajamas next Sunday. Elementary kids, Allie and Carson, served at the altar. In our own small way, I see this as Serving the way Jesus taught.


  3. From a totally unbelieving point of view , everybody has to choose their own poison i.e. addiction ( such as ethnicity , fashion , drugs and alcohol , economic status , gossip etc . . ) .But believers chose their ” poison ” to be christianity . So what you love definitely MATTERS and influences what kind of life you live . Nice essay ! And of course the reference to Bob Dylan too

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  4. Excellent post, Sir. I read your About first, as is my habit–it seems we have some things in common: I grew up in the Episcopal Church, and I have roots in Louisiana (half-Cajun). My journey with Jesus has been long and plagued by my own ignorance and rebellion–until 7 years ago–proving HE saves the best for last. I may serve HIM imperfectly, but HE’s the only one I’d choose to serve; I can’t imagine an ordinary, or extraordinary, day that I wouldn’t want HIM to be present in the center. God bless you abundantly.


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