Love Makes It Happen

15 thoughts on “Love Makes It Happen”

  1. “Love makes it happen” touched me deeply. Took me back to fishing with my dad and brothers in the 1950s and 60s. Also touched me spiritually about how God is in the ordinary and simple events in our lives. Thank you!


  2. Dear Bishop Jake. Thanks for this reflection of Christ as the centre of God’s loving provision for us in the Eucharist. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken the liberty of re-blogging this lovely article on my own blog at ‘kiwianglo’.


  3. Thank you for sharing your stories of time with your Dad and brother. This was a powerful reminder to see and cherish the divine in the small moments of our lives.


  4. My husband loves to tell the story about how Chuck Wood, chaplain at LSU in the late 70’s, early 80’s, led a retreat Eucharist in canoes with a hot dog bun and beer. To him, this meant the Bread of Life can be found in the ordinary food of every day life.


  5. Your reflection brought back memories of my parents – long dead – with whom I spent summers in our house in the Ocala National Forest (Florida). I fished for bream – trying to explain that fish to someone the other day – they had never heard of it – and my mother and I sat out on the dock – in the cool of the evening – and she would point out the different stars – their shapes and names. They were giving me the bread of life – I don’t think I would have made that exact connection until your reflection. For some of us, I think, the real roots of what our parents gave us don’t become clear until we are not with them anymore. The other ‘bread’ my mother gave me was the Episcopal Church. On a Sunday morning, in an un-airconditioned church, while the preacher went on, I would lean up against her – and knew what all was well.
    Gigi Conner

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