Slowing Down

The Way of Love

Every three years the Episcopal Church gathers for its General Convention. Today my wife Joy and I load up the car to make our way to that meeting in Austin, Texas. We’ll be returning July 14, catch our breath (and catch up at the office) before spending some time in Boston.

WAY_OF_LOVE_TEASER_COVER_4All of this means that “Looking for God in Messy Places” will slow down for the month of July. Weekly posts will resume in August. In the meantime, I’ll post in response to any national crisis and, perhaps, share a brief thought while I’m away. Otherwise, you can look for the usual posting pattern to return with August heat and humidity.

Enjoy the summer! I’ll be thinking about you. And if you would like one of my books for summer reading, just click here.


  1. Dear Bishop Jake and Joy,
    Have safe travels and a prayerful experience at General Convention. I would join you in McAllen but I will be on our every other year family reunion at that time. There are 90+ of us now. (I was one of seven.) Bob and I are so glad you are our beloved Bishop!

    With a grateful heart,
    Marybeth McVie


  2. Blessings to you and Joy as you travel to General Convention. Our General Assembly was the first time for me to be a Commissioner and first ever time for Denise to observe. Lots of business but also much Social Witness to be a part of. Prayers for you both and our Episcopal Sisters and Brothers as y’all do God’s work and be God’s witness in these days of strife and darkness…


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