The End is Near(ish)

10 thoughts on “The End is Near(ish)”

  1. Did you take the photos of the child jumping down to the sand, and of the autumn path? They are really beautiful photos! The beauty of nature is my comfort and my peace, whether its other people’s photos or being out there myself. That’s where I feel close to God and far from all the dreadful headlines!


  2. I believe, I believe that Jesus, God, no matter what things look like, will prevail. I’ve been listening to the news – and reading the Old Testament. And watching a multi-part series on Vietnam. And reading about the Confederate war. So we’ve been here before, repeatedly. Nevertheless, since I didn’t live then – I live now – sometimes I want to immerse myself in drama. Then I get depressed and I focus on God lifting people up, the improvement in food, and integrity, and balance and love instead of hate and divisiveness and “I’m right; you’re wrong.” It’s like anything else – where are we putting our attention? I do the best to do my part – when I start going “blah blah blah” in contribution to the negativity, I give it to Him and it’s not always easy. I have had to ask Him to help me let go of my love for drama. I’m TOTALLY not very good at it, but I’m getting better, the more i ask Him to help me let go of all of it. (And not listening to the news and staying off facebook helps!)


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