The Las Vegas Shootings and the American Soul

13 thoughts on “The Las Vegas Shootings and the American Soul”

  1. I think you hit upon it: It is addiction to trauma , violence , and the whole package of addictions that follow . I don’t see it as evil. I see it as pervading illness . Your words and your work help bring healing and health . This is our task now: to tend our own health , to share healing with others , and to love everyone .


  2. Murders in Chicago: in June 84; July 76; August, 50; September, 59..So far the total is $2900. How can we NOT protect ourselves? Self-preservation is a God-given instinct. Until the nation is safer, there is no recourse…I do agree that assault guns should be prohibited…the numbers in Las Vegas might have been less if the gunman had not had assault artillery…admittedly, I do not know the answer….but gun laws seem to make no difference..we have seen the horrific damage with knives, razor blades, etc. I can only pray.


    1. There’s terrific work being done at the community level treating violence as an epidemic and applying epidemiological techniques to de-escalate and defuse conflict. Real progress is being made. There’s also a TED talk about it.


  3. If Violence is our addiction —one way to collectively deal with it is through the twelve steps —-This nation is now powerless over our addiction to violence —-God is waiting for our admission ready and able to restore us to sanity

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