Dreamers and Captives

14 thoughts on “Dreamers and Captives”

  1. Until we accept the Word of Jesus in our hearts, we are all captives. We have to claim Jesus’ words and teaching and act on them. Then we will see a difference in this world. Then we will approach the type of freedom that Jesus wants for all of us.


  2. I love the part “Jesus echoes Moses. He demands of Pharaoh and of Caesar and of every power that binds, oppresses and diminishes human beings…Jesus comes to bring radical liberation.
    If we could all understand this freedom He offers and even unto salvation.
    Praise be to God!


  3. I am definitely for letting these children and young adults become legal citizens through a special pathway. Congress needs to come up with that way. Immigration is a path to citizenship but they didn’t have a choice when they were brought here whether they were coming legally or illegally. If we reach back into our ancestry, there is not one of us here, other than Native American Indians, that does not descend from immigrants. This land was not ours when we got here. Whether we agree or disagree morally, we are a democratic society. We have elected officials in the House and Senate that have a 15% approval rating. We have a President that either one hates or loves depending on their position on certain issues. Most of us have a phone to call or can email our representatives. Perhaps your post will be a catalyst to urge people to voice their opinion to them. Either way, we can always pray for the outcome we believe is the right one. As usual I look forward to your blogs.


  4. Thank you for this great message Father Jake. You have been an inspirational part of my life and my walk with Christ for many years and I still tell my wife about your Sunday School class and how I never wanted it to end as I was always wanting to learn more from you.


  5. Another fabulous message Jake! Thank you so much for sharing your family’s story. So interesting and so sad .
    Here in Australia , I work not only as an illustrator but also part of my work as an Occupational Therapist with young deaf children .I have a growing number of children whose families have escaped from war torn African countries – one child was born and raised for 5 years in one of the dreadful refugee camps in Kenya . I have to say , children like her , absolutely win my heart . The beautiful wonderful news is though , that her family have never been captives , as they have Jesus ! Her father radiates with the Holy Spirit . It’s a beautiful thing .
    Sadly , many children in Australia, who have in contrast lived in much more comfortable circumstances , do not know Jesus . God is almost a taboo subject here – let alone Jesus .
    I’ve been praying for a way therefore , to gently share Gods love to the children around my area , using art , and have come up with the idea of starting a YouTube Kids Art channel – Kids Art School . With YouTube I can reach a huge audience , and the lessons would be free !
    At the end of every short lesson I say “remember that you are unique , you are special , God loves you ” . That’s it. It’s simple . Not too full on , but to the point .
    I’ve started an online Prayer Partners Facebook group to pray for the children watching this . I’m very excited !
    I’d love it , if you didn’t mind , sharing the channel to children you know in the US Jake ? Im praying that it will spread outside Australia and across the globe !

    This is the link

    The video is “Kids Art School – How to draw a Pug ”

    I also have a Facebook group people can join as well called simply “Kids Art School ”

    I understand if you have enough on your plate , but if you feel led to spread the word , I’d be thrilled.
    Thanks yet again . Your blog never fails to give me food for thought .
    God bless


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