Is the Bible Fake News?

13 thoughts on “Is the Bible Fake News?”

  1. “God seeks to transform human hearts from self-absorption and violence to compassion and peace. God seeks to accomplish this transformation through faithful relationship, not by fear-mongering coercion.” What a wonderful, marvelous, compassionate God we have!! I have been thinking about how evangelism occurs through relationships and how ‘church’ can foster relationships. I think those relationships (and evangelization) should not be formed with the goal of converting our ‘new found friends’. It the goal should be to have a relationship with someone new, someone outside our church. The goal includes showing by example what having God in our lives means to us through our attitudes and behaviors. As and if the occasion arises we can tell people about how God has transformed our lives. But we don’t convert – the Holy Spirit does. We allow the Holy Spirit to work through us by forming relationships with those in need, those in pain, those without God in their lives. Am I on the right track?

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  2. Great writing Jake! REALLY enjoyed this! SO and I read The Odyssey a while ago and the gods in the story are so temperamental and so fickle – they take sides in human affairs and have their favourites. But the God of the Bible calls all people everywhere to repent and His gift of grace is available to all who seek His forgiveness. Good News indeed! The title for this post is fantastic … I laughed out loud as soon as I saw it and couldn’t wait to read the post!


    1. Thanks, Liz! And I think you’re right, The Odyssey’s portrayal of the deities contrasts sharply with the biblical view. I’m also glad that I could make you laugh out loud. Hope all is going well.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your point of view. I’m interested in hearing your take on things. Do you believe that there is a spiritual dimension to existence or would you call yourself a materialist? Is there some sort of higher power or is that unnecessary intellectual baggage? I’m really not trying to quibble. I genuinely enjoy hearing about how other people sort things out, find meaning in life (or not), and that sort of thing. Anyway, thanks again for reading the post (or at least the title) and taking the time to reach out.


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