Lessons from a Condemned Man’s Last Meal

21 thoughts on “Lessons from a Condemned Man’s Last Meal”

  1. The Eucharist is indeed a banquet in thanksgiving for the celebration of the mystery of our faith. Yet the transformational power contained and expressed is so difficult to explain and even experience for most seekers. How do we express a radical welcome to all and bake that believeable? The church where I attend seems not to focus on newcomers and yet the people gathered seem mostly gray haired, though active and very alive. What about the future where there seems to be so much fear promulgated on CNN and other media station.


    1. This is the question that I think many in mainline denominations are asking. Here in Western Louisiana one effective way is to be Eucharistically-fed people who engage our local community with our hands and feet. Some wonderful people are making a visible difference in their surrounding neighborhood. Others take a different approach. Openness to the stranger and a desire to befriend strangers does seem to be key.


  2. While I fully appreciate your thoughtful and heartfelt words, the photo at the top has rocked my soul in a way that no words can. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading. And I’m right with you on the photo. That image carries an emotional and spiritual charge for me and I hoped that you it would for others as well.


  3. Thank you for the thoughtful post. Interesting that I happened upon your blog as my own post for today was one of a memory of a friendship formed with someone who had a violent past but found a peaceful end.


  4. I have a website called the UPlifting place. I tell my stories and encourage others on that site, but my hope is to have others share their stories. I believe we overcome the enemy by the blood and the words of our testimonies. I would love to post (reblog) this story if I can.


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